The Sweetest Gift

Sinfully sexy, satisfyingly sweet with HEA.


A heart hardened cop and an over protected virgin. 

He’s her shield. She’s a whole new world of temptation.

Together, can they overcome their pasts and find love?  



I’m a cop, a man of the law. I’ve taken a vow to protect and serve. And while I am out shielding the good citizens in my care, my wife and best friend betray me.

  Three years down the line I’m doing my best to get by, guarding my broken heart, until life throws me a curve ball. 

   One with beautiful innocent eyes, an untainted mind and a body that would tempt a buddhist monk. 

   While I can protect Maribel, serving her has taken on a whole different meaning. I’m torn between duty and desire.

   And desire is winning out. 

   But I know that somehow I must shield her from from the world, and from me. That I must help her without becoming the devil himself.



When I first meet Chase, I’m naked in my back yard, terrified and equally fascinated by the handsome devil who has invaded my privacy.

   I try to resist but he convinces me that my father is in hospital, critically injured. I’m forced to leave all I’ve ever known, accept his protection, and trust him.

   As we begin to unravel the lies my father has spun, re-educate and rebuild my life, the resentful ache in my soul is replaced by one much more intense.

   I want Chase. All of him. Body and soul. I want him so bad I could beg on my knees.