Never Mix Romance With Work…

When Felicity was sent to New York for a year on a job exchange with another trader, she was looking forward to the challenge of the job. Romance didn't feature on her agenda.

Until she met Jason her new desk manager, and the spark of attraction ignited. But the more she found out about him the more she realized what a bad boy he was, both at work and at play.

Despite that, like a moth to a flame, she couldn't keep away.

As things heated up Fliss found herself torn in her love life, her professional integrity at risk and a huge task to help resolve. One which threatened the whole trading desk. And to make matters worse, the Chief Trader was breathing down their necks, threatening to ruin Jay and expose them all.

Fliss had to ask herself... was Jay really worth the risk she was taking?


Fast paced trader drama woven within a passionate steamy romance.

Mature scenes and language - 18+ advised.




Best friends are forbidden fruit...

Kaydee and Mason set the stage alight. But off stage they are determined to keep things platonic.
She wants someone who ticks all the boxes on her seven point checklist.
He wants non committed fun with blondes.
They have strict rules. With each other, and with their friends.
Especially best friends, those closest.

They're completely off the menu.
Somehow they manage to keep apart, until one day, they don't...
Just when it looks like everything's coming together, he disappears.
And Kaydee is left wondering what the hell she did wrong.

18+ for adult material.




Can they outplay their games and find love?

Recovering from a traumatic attack at her home in LA, Kate Denton was wary of men and their multifaceted motives, and determined to keep away from them. Difficult to do when faced with two hotties in Venice. Beautiful, wealthy and independent, she found herself with an interesting choice. Enjoy a holiday fling, keeping her heart safe, or put her heart on the line and allow a grief-hardened, unbelievably sexy man into her secluded world.

Wealthy NY entrepreneur, Aaron Garcia, knew how to use women for his own personal gratification. Gorgeous, suave yet soulless, he had no place in his world for the complications associated with relationships. Hot one-night stands, lies and half-truths were his standard modus operandi, something threatened when he met the delightful and exquisite Kate. No one had ever intrigued him the way she did.

Kate believed her life was simply one disaster after another, with little chance of happiness or achieving her dreams. Aaron believed hiding behind his arrogant and playboy facade was enough to keep him satisfied. When fate stepped in, their preconceived ideas were challenged. The sex was steamy and more sensually decadent than either of them had ever experienced or expected. Could there be a chance for more? A future?

18+ for strong language and adult content




A fiancee full of doubt. Her newly divorced boss. Some crazy attraction...

Kelly's pre-wedding cold feet becomes a more serious issue when she spends time with her boss at a conference.

Reiss Carstair, her hot and newly divorced MD opens her eyes and her heart.
As realisation dawns she faces the difficult end of her engagement to her controlling fiance.


Reiss occupies her mind day and night but he's leaving for Australia in just a few weeks.
Not the best of times to start a relationship.


After one steamy kiss, he's playing it cool. He makes it clear they're staying friends.
She plays along although being friends is far from her mind.


Ever since they met, there's been an underlying tension between them, and Kelly can't stop hoping, and praying... until the very last day before he leaves.

Contains adult material.

**Please Note: This book was previously titled Mr Right. It has now been re-titled and expanded. It is a UK romance written in British style English.



Shades of Romeo & Juliet

Seven years ago, Shaw and Cait were the epitome of teenage sweethearts… until tragedy struck.

Now Shaw has returned to his hometown a new man—stronger, wiser, determined to make his lifelong dreams a reality and rekindle his relationship with Cait. Despite his best intentions, long-held grievances and an unscalable wall of hatred between their families seem impossible to conquer.

Cait thought she’d never see him again. But when she does, years of anguish over his absence and resentment float to the surface.

As both struggle to reconcile the pain with the past and move forward in the here and now, a wild storm brews in and leaves them stranded surrounded by flood water, a deluge of hurt feelings and a love robbed of its opportunity to flourish.

Facing death, they come to terms. And find the truth. Their love never died.

But will love be strong enough to end the family feud?

Small-town enemies to lovers romance!

Book one of two.
Some adult material and language throughout.