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The Bad Boy Sheik - Mina Millar

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Sexy, Sultry Short Read.

The Bad Boy Sheik is the story of Ronnie & Ahmad.

This is a meet cute in the Arabian world.

Ronnie, a writer, has been badly hurt and feels low, unloved and vulnerable. But she has the chance to put that behind her when she gets an amazing opportunity -- to write the biography of Sheik Al Qasr's eldest son, Ahmad. He's a handsome playboy, but she knows there's a lot more to the man than that. And it's a big plus they have a shared love of horses. Writing about his life is just the kind of distraction she needs.

Ronnie's excited to meet him, to experience the ultra rich world he lives in. She's also nervous as hell as she flies out to begin the assignment.

Ahmad's the rebel heir. He's also deep, dark and brooding. And currently very angry. He's been ordered to marry, and Sheba, his chosen one, isn't to his liking. They aren't a good match. But his papa's had enough of his playing the field and his dilly-dallying; he wants his son wed and settled down and producing some grand-babies already.

Ahmad feels pressured and trapped until a certain someone walks into his life. She's intelligent, sweet, shy, curvy and sexy as hell. He's smitten at first sight and makes no secret of the fact.

From the second they meet sparks fly and you know the steam is gonna blow!

This book is a tease-y build up to the big sexy scene. Great dialogue and word play between the two main characters.

I LOVED IT, but I want to know more... will he defy his father and wed his English Rose? And will she be his one and only harem wife???

All in all a great read and the perfect HOT intro to Mina Millar's seductive writing skills.


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