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Only Her - Lucy Darling - Review

Only Her - Lucy Darling

I read quite a lot of short romance (short being 70-150 pages). Lucy Darling is one of 6 of my go-to authors.

I like her writing style, its fluid, cohesive and she likes to create some tension between her characters before the sizzle becomes a fire.

I've read a lot more than just this one by Lucy, but lets start here with this one.


Young woman gets caught up in a business deal. Being married to a rich guy is a term of the contract.

Overused plot line, nothing new here, but it works ok as a short and steamy read.

Its nice to see the characters getting together, despite the circumstances they met. Both H and h fairly likeable. H rather overbearing at times, but thats the whole point, I guess. All in all... sexy. Sweet. Not at all taxing. A good afternoon read that'll leave you with a warm smile.

It is what it is, ie short romance, sex, with a good old hea, and Lucy has done a great job like usual. Reliably good author. Love her covers. May emulate (subtly)



tags: romance, short, cute, likeable, alpha-male, sweet heroine, totally-unbelievable-but who-cares, ott, instalove, hea,

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