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Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Title - Make Me Want It

Series - Diva Diaries # 1

Author - S.H.E

Rating - 5 KAT STARS (Sexy. Hot. Awesome!)

This is the first book I've read from the mysterious and very talented S.H.E.

Sweet columnist and life backstager Lana London finds herself in a right old pickle chasing after a lost donation of coats designated for charity. She's panicking, running after a dumpster trying to retrieve said coats when she's almost run over. Thankfully, she's rescued by a knight in shining armor in the nick of time.

Little does she know who she's been rescued by, what it means for her career (let alone her down-in-the-dumpster love life!!) Things are about to take a distinct U turn. Oh yes indeed! The guy in question, Lincoln McHottie Mitchell, is every girls dream---cocky, generous, down to earth, sexy as hell (and exceptionally rich - which always up the ante) AND much to his surprise... very taken with Lana. It all goes down and dirty, sexy twisty after that. Boy, I love a good what-the-hell attraction phase as the layers start to uncover and we get to find out what they want. This is one beautiful 'shortie' read ( It took me 90 mins to devour) that'll have you swooning and sighing and rooting for the couple and wishing they stop playing around and admit what they feel before you lose the f***ing plot!.

The sexy scenes S.H.E. writes are hot as hell.

Gorgeous playful banter which I adore.

Witty prose and cuteness on every page.

Need I say more?

Go get this book NOW!

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