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100 days : Lara Adrian - Review

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

This series has been on my TBR list forever so I thought I'd get stuck into book 1, finally.

So, the good stuff... Great writing style and characterisations of h and H. Loved the side characters too. Lara certainly knows how to write sex.

But... I know this is supposed to be a steamy hot erotic romance, but there was far too much sex for me. So much so that I skipped half of it. If this had been toned down and more plot points expanded, it would have been a better read. I understand I'm probably in the minority here, as most readers rave about this series, but I do like a happy medium. I totally get new relationships are often highly sexual, but I don't think as a reader I needed to be in bed with them 24/7.

I also became peeved that she was somehow being punished (if that's the right word) for not being open and honest about her past (understandably, she didn't want to tell her brief billionaire fling that her mother was in prison for murdering her stepdad and that she was a lowly bar worker being paid to apartment sit). Our H never told her sod all about his murky past, but just clams up and goes all moody when she asks him anything. And that's ok with her? And that's fair? He has all the cards because she's poor and infatuated with him. He is stunning, has heaps of money and a one-sided cold heart.

He gives her 100 nights of his precious control in book 2? Id tell him to poke it where the sun don't shine.

I wont be reading book 2 because I got so bored with the characters bed-romping in book 1 and I guess it'll be the same story in book 2. I don't like the dynamics between the two anyway. Sorry I couldn't be more supportive. Thumbs down from me.

3 stars. (for the excellent writing style.)

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