A fiancee full of doubt. Her newly divorced boss. Some crazy attraction...

Kelly's pre-wedding cold feet becomes a more serious issue when she spends time with her boss at a conference.

Reiss Carstair, her hot and newly divorced MD opens her eyes and her heart.
As realisation dawns she faces the difficult end of her engagement to her controlling fiance.


Reiss occupies her mind day and night but he's leaving for Australia in just a few weeks.
Not the best of times to start a relationship.


After one steamy kiss, he's playing it cool. He makes it clear they're staying friends.
She plays along although being friends is far from her mind.


Ever since they met, there's been an underlying tension between them, and Kelly can't stop hoping, and praying... until the very last day before he leaves.

Contains some adult material.

**Please Note: This book was previously titled Mr Right. It has now been re-titled and expanded. It is a UK romance written in British style English.