Rules of Engagement

Some Rules Are Made To Be Broken…


Sweet & innocent wannabe baker girl suddenly finds herself working as an escort. 


How did this even happen?


It's an act of pure desperation, not something Ella had planned when she dropped out of med school. 

Thrown into the role of playing the fake girlfriend of a young rich guy, she's totally out of her comfort zone.  And not at all happy about the lies she has to tell.

All workaholic Vic wants to do is keep his interfering mother at bay. He's married to his trading platform... and not interested in romance. At least he didn't think he was. Until Ella dropped into his limo. 

From the first date they are attracted with only the rules of engagement keeping them from making a big mistake. 

Some rules should never be broken.

But some are made to be.

For the greater good.

Mr Sexy & Successful meets Miss Sweet & Innocent and how those sparks fly... 


Tags: short, steamy, fastlove, alpha guy, OTT (a little), passionate, romance; sexy, HEA.


Mature scenes and language - 18+ advised.