Shades of Romeo & Juliet

Seven years ago, Shaw and Cait were the epitome of teenage sweethearts… until tragedy struck.

Now Shaw has returned to his hometown a new man—stronger, wiser, determined to make his lifelong dreams a reality and rekindle his relationship with Cait. Despite his best intentions, long-held grievances and an unscalable wall of hatred between their families seem impossible to conquer.

Cait thought she’d never see him again. But when she does, years of anguish over his absence and resentment float to the surface.

As both struggle to reconcile the pain with the past and move forward in the here and now, a wild storm brews in and leaves them stranded surrounded by flood water, a deluge of hurt feelings and a love robbed of its opportunity to flourish.

Facing death, they come to terms. And find the truth. Their love never died.

But will love be strong enough to end the family feud?

Small-town enemies to lovers romance!

Book one of two.
Some adult material and language throughout.