Wealthy, Powerful Guy v Sweet Florist.

Who Will Win?

Some millionaire wants to buy my flower shop.

   But what he doesn't know is that it's far more than a shop to me. It's my dream.

   I dig my heels in and prepare for a fight. But how do I fight someone like Neal Mountjoy? He has millions in the bank and a distinct advantage. 

   After I turn down his ridiculous offer he goes all out in passionate pursuit.

   Neal knows how to get what he wants and I need to stay strong, not fall for the charm.

   Even if my dreams are to be shattered, I won't let him break my heart.

So, Dani Williams isn't selling. No problem, I'll play some dirty games to wear down her objections.

   That's when I find out she's more stubborn than a mule. As well as irresistibly sweet, crazy beautiful and f***ing sexy as hell.

   It's almost impossible to stop myself falling for her.

   As I try to find an answer to the problem that is Dani, I'm not sure what the goal is anymore.

   Is it her shop or Dani that I want?



DIRTY GAMES is a sassy dirty-sweet short read. Insta-love romance with a real HEA.    Part one of the Dirty duet.