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Hoping for a hot scoop for her magazine, Samantha goes undercover attending a sex therapy workshop hosted by the handsome and enigmatic "Dr. Sexy" Ryan Brantwell.

What begins as a harmless ruse to get a ground floor view of his program, soon forces Samantha to reveal things in her life she's never shared. Things she's buried deeply in her memory.  ​​Now she wants to abandon the ​assignment; run away and pretend it never happened - but knows she can't. Ryan is impossible to ignore and even more difficult to forget. Despite her misgivings, she needs to see things through. To the bitter end.  ​ ​

Her decision to take up his offer as a junior partner on his European tour invites cruel rumors and mean-spirited comments from the other women. Their vicious tongues and social media threaten to ruin Ryan's reputation and undermine Samantha's best efforts to move on from her past.

To quell the rumors and salvage his reputation, they must take drastic measures. A fake engagement is the last thing she has in mind, but it seems the only, realistic option.


18 + Contains mature content

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Samantha and Ryan kick off their sex therapy tour in Manchester. ​They become closer and trust begins to build, but all along Samantha feels there's something he's hiding about himself. He's so guarded. ​

Ryan's relationship with his troubled ex girlfriend has left him with deep emotional scars and Samantha certainly takes his mind off that. She's distracting in ways he never knew existed.

But soon it becomes clear that he needs far more from her than just partnership, a little fun and distraction. ​ ​He need a special kind of therapy himself - the kind only Samantha can provide. ​ ​

While enjoying their passionate journey all around Europe, will Ryan and Samantha find what they really need from each other?


18 + Contains mature content

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Concluding part of the series.

Ryan has a shocking start to married life, and he becomes more than a little obsessive about Samantha's safety.
After an extended honeymoon, the newlyweds start to put down roots.
The TV show is the main focus on their return to LA. and Sam slips easily into the role and the LA lifestyle.
Christmas interrupts their schedule, but it's a much needed rest. Time to spend with each other and family.
They think their love is absolute and complete and beyond the reach of everything. At least it appears that way.
But Ryan and Samantha face one final test.

18+ for mature content.

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Prepare to fall in love with Dr Sexy.
Sexually liberated Samantha has a hidden agenda when she attends a sex therapy workshop. But meeting her American host, Ryan Brantwell (aka Dr Sexy), changes her life in ways she could never have imagined.
But it seems Ryan has an agenda of his own. Suddenly she is his assistant. And then, just a few days later, his fake fiancee!
The tour moves on and Samantha soon proves herself indispensable to him. Privately Ryan and Samantha discover many things they admire about each other. But beneath the heady romance and the intensity of their erotic affair, lie many hidden secrets. Shocking revelations and violent acts rise to the surface threatening to destroy their future happiness.
Finally, just when it seems that their love is strong and their future assured, they face one more test - and this is one which really could break them.


 18+ for mature content.